Untitled Project 9

Grad Project: Part 8- The Details

I am a bit of a materials geek. I love hearing about new materials, but recently I was in the Nobel Museum in Stockholm and was able to look back at all the materials that we use every day and find ubiquitous, yet were incredible scientific breakthroughs of human creativity.   From an industrial design standpoint, materials… Read More →

Land Rover expedition

Grad Project: Part 7- The Mount

It’s no surprise that when it comes to storage, motorcycles are not exactly the most convenient. They are small and require a certain amount of balance and strength to operate. There is the coordination of the hands and the feet to accelerate, and the massive instability that comes when slowing down. So when someone wants to pack… Read More →

BMW front end sketch

Grad Project: Part 5 – Design

In the long process of designing a product there gets to be a point where the transition from idea to form can cause some discrepancy in the work flow. I hate to continue to push the creative aspect of the project if the creativity just isn’t there, but looming deadlines and an ever increasing pile of work… Read More →

Solidworks motorcycle sketch

Grad Project: Part 4 – Ideas

Working with a product that specializes in a certain function (in this case shelter) creates a whole new set of problems. While every design problem can be seen as simple in theory/ complex in execution, the first difficulty lies in the definition of the problem space.   For some reason the design brief flew a little over… Read More →

Open road, adventure travel!

Grad Project: Part 2

We have always been suckers for whatever it might be over the next hill. Where the sun rises and sets are two places that we can only ever chase, but that’s not the point. The point is always to try.   Great people have one thing that is always in common. They push the sense of adventure…. Read More →

Natural Baltic birch and water based low VOC finishing

Learning wordpress

Learning wordpress has been good. I have wanted to establish an online presence for my work for quite some time now, but my schedule and intimidation has kept me from making the move. Today was spent trying to speed up the process of putting galleries together for my project section. I have so many images and projects… Read More →

Inside Passage, Alaska


  After working an 18 hour day on Saturday, I thought that I might be able to kick back and enjoy the sunshine. It was not to be.   You know what the real kicker is about busy work periods….. that down times are spent catching up on the things that you have neglected. Laundry. Groceries. Cleaning…. Read More →

Inside passage of Alaska and British Columbia

Portfolio coming soon

  After what feels like years of procrastination, I have finally but the bullet and created an online presence.   The thing that I regret is that by having something like this to update, I would have been much better at documenting and archiving all my work. As it stands, I have months of work ahead of… Read More →