Stainless steel and solid surface shower bench

Solid Surface Shower Bench and Stool

I enjoy a spacious shower for some reason. Most times I am just in for a quick scrub and I am out in under 5 minutes. But there are other times when I need to feel the hot water and steam with no limit on time. So most of the time shower benches are used for products… Read More →

Custom aluminum outdoor patio furniture with LED lighiting

Patio Micro Furniture

Patio design and fabrication by Dean Cloutier /////// Benches and planter boxes are fully welded aluminum. British Columbia pine is used for the seating. Living in a small space in dense city is not as difficult as many think. 1000 sq ft might seem impossible to raise a family in, but the reality is often more fun due… Read More →

Finished and happy

Speaker Stands

I have always been a lover of music, so it came as a surprise when recently I admitted to myself that the way I listened to music was suffering. Through computer speakers usually. I had fallen a long way from the days of my youth where I could listen to my hi fi stereo for hours on… Read More →