Land Rover expedition

Grad Project: Part 7- The Mount

It’s no surprise that when it comes to storage, motorcycles are not exactly the most convenient. They are small and require a certain amount of balance and strength to operate. There is the coordination of the hands and the feet to accelerate, and the massive instability that comes when slowing down. So when someone wants to pack… Read More →

BMW front end sketch

Grad Project: Part 5 – Design

In the long process of designing a product there gets to be a point where the transition from idea to form can cause some discrepancy in the work flow. I hate to continue to push the creative aspect of the project if the creativity just isn’t there, but looming deadlines and an ever increasing pile of work… Read More →

Solidworks motorcycle sketch

Grad Project: Part 4 – Ideas

Working with a product that specializes in a certain function (in this case shelter) creates a whole new set of problems. While every design problem can be seen as simple in theory/ complex in execution, the first difficulty lies in the definition of the problem space.   For some reason the design brief flew a little over… Read More →

Swedish Girls

Swedish Girls

For some reason as a kid growing up in North America, Swedish girls carried some sort of mystical property. Thinking back it might have something to do with an inside joke that rolled around Hollywood and made its way out into the general public. I know that on more than one occasion I dropped the whole “Hot… Read More →

Part of the deisgn centre at Lund University

IKDC Design Centre

Design is taken very seriously in Scandinavia, particularly in Sweden. All the Scandinavian countries can pride themselves in having a large global presence in the quality design. The advantage that Sweden has over other places in the world is a commitment from the major companies to keep feeding the cycle of ever improving design ideals. The Ingvar… Read More →

Copenhagen in Scandinavia

Copenhagen Details

Copenhagen is the largest city in Scandinavia, and therefore has the Kastrup airport which is the home base of SAS airlines. This is handy and likely most people coming in and out of Scandinavia will be at least transiting Kastrup. The airport is very close the centre, about 12 minutes by train and metro that runs all… Read More →

Looking up the canal to the city of copenhagen

Move to Sweden. 1st stop Copenhagen

I hit the streets of Copenhagen hungry. The sun was shining in through the train window and I had my sunglasses on. After being up for 36 hours, it was a welcome excuse to put on some shades. I know I need decent food as I can feel my stomach going bad. The bad news is that… Read More →