Grad Project: Part 3 – The Data

In order to better get a grasp of what is happening in the world of adventure travel I put out a survey of 10 questions to 100 people who are active in the motorcycle community. Even more specific, the survey was aimed at people who do adventure travel already (or would like to). They identify with this… Read More →

Open road, adventure travel!

Grad Project: Part 2

We have always been suckers for whatever it might be over the next hill. Where the sun rises and sets are two places that we can only ever chase, but that’s not the point. The point is always to try.   Great people have one thing that is always in common. They push the sense of adventure…. Read More →

Train stations. If I look back on my life, they have a unique way of being at once sad and incredibly happy places. The memories of a thousand sad goodbyes and the sounds of happy rendezvous.

Grad Project: Part 1

I am a lover. I believe in people and their potential. I have found this to effect the ways in which I design my life and the people and objects that are involved.   For many years I never truly understood what it meant to be free. I had always thought of myself as a free man,… Read More →