strength training and 5x5 method

Weight Loss

It has been one year since I started strength training. I had essentially been floating around the gym for the previous couple years, hitting some machines, doing some cable work and cardio, and of course the dreaded treadmill. My problem was motivation. It was difficult to see results over the long term and I had no real… Read More →

Mosque in Sarajevo

Eastern Europe

  Bosnia was one of those places that I entered with no expectations. I had not heard many stories from others who had traveled there, and didn’t seem to meet many travelers that would have been able to give me the lowdown had I met them.   This is one of the best parts of rolling solo…. Read More →

Glazed Japanese style pork chopsJapanese style glazed pork chops

Japanese sauces

It is no secret that Japan has some of the most amazing sauces. Not having access to their traditional sauces is enough to limit a vacation somewhere. Everyone knows about Soya sauce. But there are so many other hidden gems out there, and when you start to combine them the variations of flavour are endless.   I… Read More →

Brussel srouts for a paleo diet


  Since I started cutting out most of the refined grains from my diet there has been a huge void to fill. I would love to fill it with meat, but that is not practical or healthy either. So vegetable it is. The thing is, most vegetables are hard for me to eat. They do nothing for… Read More →

Turkey and bean paleo meatloaf

Turkey meatloaf

  Turkey Meatloaf   I like this recipe for huge protein boosts and the leftover factor. And almost no carbs. I pair it with a salad.   2 medium onions olive oil sea salt and fresh pepper cumin coriander bread crumbs oregeno mustard (good German or French) 1- 1.5 pounds of ground turkey large egg garlic fresh… Read More →

Natural Baltic birch and water based low VOC finishing

Learning wordpress

Learning wordpress has been good. I have wanted to establish an online presence for my work for quite some time now, but my schedule and intimidation has kept me from making the move. Today was spent trying to speed up the process of putting galleries together for my project section. I have so many images and projects… Read More →

Inside Passage, Alaska


  After working an 18 hour day on Saturday, I thought that I might be able to kick back and enjoy the sunshine. It was not to be.   You know what the real kicker is about busy work periods….. that down times are spent catching up on the things that you have neglected. Laundry. Groceries. Cleaning…. Read More →

Inside passage of Alaska and British Columbia

Portfolio coming soon

  After what feels like years of procrastination, I have finally but the bullet and created an online presence.   The thing that I regret is that by having something like this to update, I would have been much better at documenting and archiving all my work. As it stands, I have months of work ahead of… Read More →