Vancouver polar bear swim 2012 at English Bay

Polar Bear Swim Vancouver 2012

  For roughly the past ten years I have been making a point of going for a swim on New Year ’s Day. I am not sure really what started it all, I think it might have been oversleeping one New Year’s day and missing out on meeting some friends at the beach for a great party,… Read More →

Natural Baltic birch and water based low VOC finishing

Learning wordpress

Learning wordpress has been good. I have wanted to establish an online presence for my work for quite some time now, but my schedule and intimidation has kept me from making the move. Today was spent trying to speed up the process of putting galleries together for my project section. I have so many images and projects… Read More →

Inside Passage, Alaska


  After working an 18 hour day on Saturday, I thought that I might be able to kick back and enjoy the sunshine. It was not to be.   You know what the real kicker is about busy work periods….. that down times are spent catching up on the things that you have neglected. Laundry. Groceries. Cleaning…. Read More →