A more masculine living space- Part 3

In the last two posts I covered living room furniture and lighting here and here.   In this post I will cover the dining area which is often seen as anywhere space is available. The reality is that eating should be something looked upon as a major part of healthy lifestyle. Its hard to have a healthy… Read More →

Mens smoking room showing many different types of lighting

A more masculine living space- Part 2

I began this task in the living room with what I think are the three most important items; The sofa, chairs and a cocktail or coffee table. Here I will talk a bit about lighting.   Lighting is what sets the mood, and I say this first even above being able to see. A candle is the… Read More →

White interior planter box with stainless steel base

Small Planter Box

Often it is the simplest of products that end up with the most surprises. Planter boxes (any box actually) that are made from metal are one of them. The difficulty is in the process of building, where the height of the box versus the width of the box becomes an issue. The wider the box, the more… Read More →

Upcycled cedar wood mirror salvaged from an old Squamish mill

Upcycled Cedar Mirror

Living in Vancouver sometimes feels like I am at ground zero for the hippy renaissance. All the cities out west here are fairly similar, especially when it comes to design language. This is especially so with Vancouver and Portland.   As a designer I have worked a lot with wood. I am actually a pretty decent carpenter… Read More →

Stainless steel and solid surface shower bench

Solid Surface Shower Bench and Stool

I enjoy a spacious shower for some reason. Most times I am just in for a quick scrub and I am out in under 5 minutes. But there are other times when I need to feel the hot water and steam with no limit on time. So most of the time shower benches are used for products… Read More →

Jade table in Canadian jade and 24k gold

Jade Furniture

The tricky part of the business is education. Not many people know the value of jade, and most people in Canada see jade something like marble. Luxurious, expensive and full of status. In many ways this does describe jade, and the only value of something is what people are willing to pay for it, but the reality… Read More →

Custom aluminum outdoor patio furniture with LED lighiting

Patio Micro Furniture

Patio design and fabrication by Dean Cloutier /////// Benches and planter boxes are fully welded aluminum. British Columbia pine is used for the seating. Living in a small space in dense city is not as difficult as many think. 1000 sq ft might seem impossible to raise a family in, but the reality is often more fun due… Read More →

Jade slabs ready for tables, to be cut into custom tables and sold as live edge slabs to designers and fabricators.jade slabs for sale

Jade Slabs

As an industrial designer my search for quality materials is never ending. But every so often I find a material that becomes much more than a tool for me- it becomes a passion. Understanding the worlds 10,000 year love affair with jade, my feelings toward the stone came as no surprise. Where the surprise would lay for… Read More →