Jade Furniture

The tricky part of the business is education. Not many people know the value of jade, and most people in Canada see jade something like marble. Luxurious, expensive and full of status. In many ways this does describe jade, and the only value of something is what people are willing to pay for it, but the reality is much further from the truth.


Jade and marble are completely different, in every way. For starters, jade is extremely rare, while marble can make up whole mountains. In Italy, there are mountains that are missing 1/4 of its mass as massive marble blocks are taken out and shipped all over the globe. Jade is found in boulder form in many of the hardest to reach places, in some of the most remote parts of the world; Northern British Columbia, Siberia and Burma for example. Boulders are far less predictable than cutting blocks out of a mountain made up completely of marble. For comparison on price, marble can be purchased for $400 per tonne, while the cheapest jade will sell for $15,000 per tonne. That is a significant price difference.  37.5 times more expensive! But unfortunately a jade table will not be able to fetch a price 37.5 times that of a marble table. Most marble tables sell for about $4000, so a table in jade would be $150,000! Not likely. The reality is that the margins are much higher for marble furniture due to the perceived value, which brings me back to the most difficult part of the jade business I mentioned earlier.


What jade does have in its favor is the mysteriousness it has in many peoples minds. Even those who do not know much about jade, will likely still know that its rare, expensive, valuable, etc. And its for this very reason that the marketing to the right demographic is so important. With the knowledge that jade furniture is actually the pinnacle of luxury allows people to do what they always do when it comes to their homes; brag. Subtle displays of wealth, and not so subtle displays are just a part of a humans ways of showing people looking in that they are important. A wealthy person has proven that they can amass more resources for their family than the next person. Human nature.


I know this is not groundbreaking marketing or anything, but for clients to be able to brand their hotel furniture or living room center piece as jade is what it will essentially be about.


Jade cocktail table with 24k gold in a hotel lobby

Jade cocktail table with 24k gold in a hotel lobby

jade cocktail table in brass

Jade and brass cocktail table.


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