Grad Project: Part 3 – The Data

In order to better get a grasp of what is happening in the world of adventure travel I put out a survey of 10 questions to 100 people who are active in the motorcycle community. Even more specific, the survey was aimed at people who do adventure travel already (or would like to). They identify with this type of travel and are more or less the people that can give the best “boots on the ground” information.



It was not surprising that 66% of the respondents were between the ages of 35-55. Another 30% fell into the ages just below this (25-35) and above (55-65). The last 5% were at the extreme ranges of age, which is to be expected. For the data that I was able to take out of this is that for those men that fall in this age category, adventure, travel and motorcycles are all major parts of their lives. They were all very willing to help out, and above all they are all very passionate about all of these topics.

Biker age chartAges of adventure riders, and the percentage that camp off of their motorcycle.


Getting out and seeing the world from a completely different point of view is the constant theme among these world riders. A full 73% camp off of their motorcycle when they are traveling. And for many of these adventurers camping out for night is not in the safety of a campsite. When traveling the world having the luxury of a campsite is a far away comfort. “Stealth” or “renegade” camping is a common way to spend the night. This means finding a spot an hour before dusk, and being gone before dawn.



There is always a battle for time, especially among this age group (35-55). The higher end of this demographic is in the prime money making time of their life, and any time taken off seems to be a little less paper in their pocket for retirement. But looking at the numbers, 31% of the riders spend between two and three weeks at a time on their bikes. This is enough time to cover a lot of kilometres and also to experience many different landscapes and weather changes.

Days riding in a trip.Two to three weeks seems the most common number for days on the bike. That is quite a lot when you think about it.


Looking at the ways that riders are sometimes forced to spend the night (stealth/renegade) it is obvious that shelter is the most important aspect of adventure travel. A quick and easy set up/take down is important, as is the quality of the shelter. Also the ability of the shelter to pack up small and fit on the bike with no hassles and even less thought.


Quality- 57%

Size- 38.1%

Ease of use- 35.1%

Camping prioritiesList of the most important features to camping out off of a motorcycle.


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