Grad Project: Part 1

I am a lover. I believe in people and their potential. I have found this to effect the ways in which I design my life and the people and objects that are involved.


For many years I never truly understood what it meant to be free. I had always thought of myself as a free man, yet it was only recently that certain actions and things came to make sense. Freedom was something that I was born into, and through most of my life I struggle to find a certain balance between what is required of me for survival, and what is meant for me in happiness.


I had been spending more and more time helping people out. I was doing this not as a favour but as a way to help myself. I had been spending a lot of time on self-improvement and I was excited with the results. I began to see the people in my life in a different way. I was seeing that there are so many small habits or thoughts that have been with us for so long that we accept them. I was beginning to see that I had an ability to see through these obstacles and help others in the ways of which I knew.


I won’t profess myself to be a guru in these ways. But I felt that even in the smallest ways, what I could do to help others could start a process that would see major changes down the road. I have always felt that if there is something in life that holds me back, the curiosity is usually enough to have me struggle to see what is over the other side.


But age is something that caused this direction in my life. Suddenly I was having to push myself to see what was over the next hill. It was more of a mission to get on my motorcycle and take off. This was not something that I thought I would have to contend with. But all around me were the signs that this is true. Men were making their way from place to place with a face that had the look of missed adventure. It was all over the body language, the spirit.


So for everyday that I have to remind myself that staying curious is the most important part of being a man, I also have to contend with the fact that every day it gets harder to push through and seek out the new.


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He found his calling in life, and in his own way he changed the world for the better. One trek at a time.


He made scientific progress and fun part of his daily routine. Never losing sight of the fact that life is short, it is meant to be enjoyed.


Travel and adventure will always be a part of how I define myself. Even if I have to remind myself of this.


Train stations. If I look back on my life, they have a unique way of being at once sad and incredibly happy places. The memories of a thousand sad goodbyes and the sounds of happy rendezvous.

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