Sweden: First week

The sun broke through the morning fog as the train crossed the Oresund bridge into Malmo. The building blocks of Sweden seem to be lighter than the red brick of Copenhagen. I thought to myself that in a region that knows real winters, a white stone is a smarter building material.


I was not surprised to see that formed concrete, stainless steel, and white and blue tones to be common in the modern landscape of Malmo. These are also materials and colours that speak to the cleanliness of Sweden.


The train passed through the central stations of Malmo and quickly ran the few kilometres of farm before reaching Lund. Lund is over a thousand years old and was settled and built by Sveyn Forkbeard Β and also some of the first Viking converts to Christianity. For most of its history Lund, and the SkΓ₯na region of Sweden was under the Danish Kingdom. The Kingdom of Sweden and the Uppsalla region concerned itself more on the activity of the Baltics during the early middle ages.


The university here is considered one of the best schools in Europe, and in Scandinavia especially it has a very high regard. For a town of 100,000 people, where 40,000 are students there leaves not a lot for the town to do other than service the university. Because of the status of the university and the research that comes out of it, large Swedish companies have begun to move here into a new research park that is connected to the Faculty of Engineering (where I am studying). This is by far the most advanced part of the campus and the most modern as well. For that reason this part of the campus sits a little out of the way from the town centre.


It has been really good dealing with the Swedish people so far. They come across as being genuinely happy people. So far 100% of the people I have asked for help have been extremely friendly and if they are not sure of the answer to the questions that I have for them, then they would be apologetic. They are very similar to Canada in this regard. I wonder if is the winter air that leaves people feeling more likely to give you a moment.


One of the many old streets of central lund.

Looking up one of the many medieval streets toward the Grande Hotel.


Grande Hotel in Lund Sweden

The Grande Hotel in Lund


The central park by the train station in Lund

Central Lund, near the train station


central square across from the Grande Hotel

Central Square (Bantorget) across from the Grande Hotel


University building

University building on the central campus in the centre of Lund


Lund Sweden and a six month trip to study at the University of Sweden at Lund.

Main University building

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