Move to Sweden. 1st stop Copenhagen

I hit the streets of Copenhagen hungry. The sun was shining in through the train window and I had my sunglasses on. After being up for 36 hours, it was a welcome excuse to put on some shades. I know I need decent food as I can feel my stomach going bad. The bad news is that I have never been here before and I am picky about what I put into my stomach.


Four days ago I booked a room at the Astoria at Central Station. I am packing some serious baggage at the moment, so I wanted something that I could roll into without having to take a taxi or walk too far. Plus, I like to get my bearings a bit first and lock down some locations for round twos. The feeling I get when I am lost or new to a place is a bit awkward. Its not that I am anxious, but I feel much more focused. I am normally a very outgoing person and I can chat with almost anyone, but when I don’t have my bearings yet, I have a hard time talking to people.


My hotel is adequate. I can do simple most of the time, and luxury some of the time. I had to remind myself that some of my favorite places to sleep are in the dirt. And the older I get, the more excuses that I am able to make to myself in order to spring for a nicer place to lay my head.Β  I am getting very convinced of late that the biggest barrier to adventure is comfort. If my whole indoor life was suddenly five degrees cooler, I would get a lot more done.

Departure lounge in Vancouver

Departing a sunny Vancouver on my way to Sweden


Looking up the canal to the city of copenhagen

looking up one of the many canals in Copenhagen


Weapons armory in the old city of copenhagen

Armory in the old city of Copnehagen


Coffee is very popular in Copnehagen

Coffee is a very popular afternoon activity in Copenhagen.


Surreal gardens and amusement park in Copenhagen

TIvoli Gardens in Copenhagen.


Tivoli gardens in the winter of 2012

Tivoli gardens in the winter.


Moonrise in central Copenhagen

Moonrise on a winter night in Copenhagen

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