Weight Loss

It has been one year since I started strength training. I had essentially been floating around the gym for the previous couple years, hitting some machines, doing some cable work and cardio, and of course the dreaded treadmill. My problem was motivation. It was difficult to see results over the long term and I had no real goals in the gym. For a man, no goals can be a passion killer.


In November 2010 I went to my doctor for the first time to get a physical. After all the testing was done we had a little chat about the results. As I have family history of type 2 diabetes, this was essentially our main concern. All the results were good, and the only advice that he gave me was to lose 5-10 pounds of fat.


My go to for losing some fat has always been my bike and the pool. I am a good swimmer and I enjoy being in the zone doing laps in the pool. Lately I had been seeing guys swinging kettle bells at the gym so I looked into them. This is essentially what led me to strength training.


When I had seen my doctor I was a little soft and weighed 198 pounds at just under 6’2”. And so began my goal of burning down to 185 pounds and from where I would begin my year of strength training. By December 24, 2010 (just over 4 weeks) I weighed in at 184.6 pounds for a weight loss of 14.6 pounds in 33 days.


Click here to see the graphs of my progress over the year.

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