Japanese sauces

It is no secret that Japan has some of the most amazing sauces. Not having access to their traditional sauces is enough to limit a vacation somewhere. Everyone knows about Soya sauce. But there are so many other hidden gems out there, and when you start to combine them the variations of flavour are endless.


I recently tried this recipe on pork. For some reason I do not eat a lot of pork, although I enjoy it. This recipe made me change my mind in a big way.


I recommend it to anyone who is trying to eat a more balanced meal in a paleo type diet. I am not strict paleo, but I practice a lot of what I think it means. So try this with my brussel sprouts or some roasted vegetables and quinoa. I almsot always recommend BBQ but I have had these from a cast iron skillet and they were also very good.


Get the recipe here.

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